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What is happening in the cricket world?

India stood firm on their 165-run target when they defeated England 4-4 in their semifinal game This means that they have made it to the final with at least a silver-medal for the CWG 2022. Sneh Rana was a master of the bowl in defending 14 off the final over. England was all guns going with 165 runs in the chase due to a stunning 3. Cricket Samachar will provide all information on cricket.

India stood firm on their 165-run target in their win over England with four wickets in their semi-final game This means that they are now in the final, winning at the very the very least a silver medal in CWG 2022. Sneh Rana was the bowler of the over in which she held 14 off the final over. Cricket Samachar is here. England was going guns in the 165-run chase thanks to an amazing 35 off 27 by Danielle Wyatt and 41 off 43 balls by Nat Sciver, and at the time they were at 134/3. After Amy Jones departed, India swiftly took control of the matchand Sneh Rana bowled an excellent final over to secure the win for India.

Six runs off the final ball, but it would not be enough since England were beaten with four runs. In the meantime, the silver medal was awarded to India at CWG 2022 in Birmingham.

Another full toss, but it was a single. It was up in the air and Harleen Deol threw the ball. Twelve had to be taken off by two.

In the air and WICKET. Catch made. This is the perfect match excellent bowling by Sneh Rana. Need 13 balls off three.

Second ball is complete toss, and the third is a single. Need 13 balls out of four.

WICKET! Run OUT…this one is on the line as Nat Sciver is RUN OUT. Fantastic throw from depth by Smriti Mandhana. Great work by the goalkeeper Sneha Bhatia. Also, she takes off the bails quickly. The big break.

Then comes the four. Ten runs from the final two balls. This would take all pressure off the hosts. And the Birmingham crowd is aware of it when they also explode. Excellent batsmanship from Sciver.

Pooja Vastrakar returns to the game and gives up just one. There’s another single, so the run rate required increases. Nat Sciver had to improvise which she did…that’s SIX! The crowd would be to the floor. It would be literally hammered by the batter.

What a great over here From Sneh Rana. Dot an wicket and only a couple of her two balls. There was a huge appeal for an LBW and the umpire declared it not out. DRS was also taken into consideration and the system accepts. NOT OUT. Then comes one off the final ball.

Amy Jones went, and this stand was broken. However, a dot ball and most importantly. Pressure is the main thing that happens in a knockout game. Jones was determined to get her his senior partner Sciver back on the offensive and was determined to get the win. However, she was a few just a few yards away, and not even in the frame, and Sneh Rana took the bails quickly.

We have two dots balls from Deepti Sharma. The equation now stands at 32 balls off 20. After that, there’s another hit off the 4th ball which is only 2 runs in England. It’s nice to see England win this match and reversing the odds to India’s favour in this instance.

FOUR! Poor spinner and fielder Shafali Verma just isn’t satisfied. Amy Jones had targetted that fielder, but it was an error under the cover, and then Jones performs the reverse sweep of that next ball…that’s gone for a full four runs. Then, three runs from the next ball. 15 RUNS OFF THE OVER.

A great performance From Deepti Sharma, who has no limits because she offers just four runs that also included dots. This is gold at the moment. England is in need of 48 out of 30 balls.

Full toss to begin her off, Deepti Sharma concedes a single. She was fortunate. However, Amy Jones was back in the strike and removed to get single. In the meantime, it would put Nat Sciver on strike, who would get only a single.

That’s a big SIX! The mid-off was inside the circle however the batter would have played that regardless. The batter hits Radha Yadav, and then gets one. Amy Jones, the new batter in, has made it to 11 from 9. A poor fielding effort on the next ball hit by Renuka Thakur, the batter takes one.

Renuka Thakur returns with her third bowl of. Renuka Thakur, the CWG top performer clearly isn’t enjoying her day at the office, as she throws the ball away for a FOUR! Top shot by Nat Sciver as she finds the gap between backwards point and then covers.

WICKET! What is it? A huge call from Radha Yadav to get an LBW. She has already begun celebrations however, the umpire doesn’t believe it. She’s requesting to get a DRS and Harmanpreet is willing to oblige. But, NO ….NOT Out declares DRS. This would have left the stumps unnoticed.

Shafali Verma is on the attack and bowls these loopy deliveries here. She is successful in halting the flow of run initially. But then she loses two off her final ball. 7 runs in this ball.

Wow. Super ball-playing by Pooja Vastrakar. The stumps were missed by just an inch. Then comes the first single of Sciver because she’ll come back to bat with the ball in the next one. When Vastrakar returns she has conceded the equivalent of ten runs in just two overs thus far. The second one has kept tension on England.

The ramp now comes coming from Danielle Wyatt. A great shot, as the fielder was giving up. Then, on the following ball she tries the same shot but does a sloppy job of it. WICKET! He slams the ball back on her stump. This would be a massive BLOW to England when she leaves for 35.

Sneh Rana has been greeted with a fantastic shot by Nat Sciver. The track is a little further and he finds the boundary. It’s a dots ball, which is followed by a second dot. The pressure is growing to England as Mandhana dives to save an additional run. However, it would be a single.

Vastrakar comes back to the action and gives up three singles off her initial three balls. She then bowls a small ball that is pulled off by Wyatt. However, it’ll only bring in one. Following the time that Capsey was gone, England was very close to losing another in the event of a runout. Do you think pressure on the scoreboard is now coming to England?

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