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Unknown Facts and Figures of Cricket That You Must Know

If you are the one who loves to watch cricket then cricket Samachar can be the best way to know various facts and figures that you are still unaware of. If you’ve gone through the headline in this piece, you’re an expert within you may have been thinking: “how someone is not aware of something about cricket? 

Here is a list of Online Cricket ID and amazing cricket facts you might not have thought of. It is important to note that they do not appear in any particular order.

Kapil Dev hasn’t ever missed an international game due to an injury

Kapil Dev, perhaps, India’s most successful all-rounder, has not missed a single cricket game due to injury. Of course, has missed games and been dropped once, but hasn’t played a single time due to injury.

A fast bowler to play for more than 16 years and collected over 600 wickets and never been absent from a game due to injuries is a remarkable achievement. It is important to note that fitness regimens during that time were not as prominent as they are in the current era.

Sachin Tendulkar wasn’t the first person to reach 200 points in ODI cricket

We are all die-hard supporters of Sachin Tendulkar because Sachin Tendulkar has brought us a lot of fun growing up in our youth. We have associated a majority of the cricket records with Sachin Tendulkar. He is the holder of the majority of them. Many believed that it was his first time to record an ODI double century in cricket when he hit 200 not out in a match during a game against South Africa in 2010. But, he was not the only male player to achieve this feat.

One of the first people to accomplish this was Belinda Clarke perhaps the greatest Australian cricketer ever. The first time she did it was during a match with Denmark in 1997 when she scored 229 runs.

The origins of the design of 1999’s Cricket World Cup

The logo of 1999’s Cricket World Cup which was held in the UK featured a bowling action. The design was inspired by only the Indian new ball-spinner Debashis Mohanty who opened the bowling for India together with Venkatesh Prasad at that time.

The young man was an impressive speed bowler. His performance was enough to create the design for the World Cup. But, his career was cut short due to injuries and a lack of chances to take part in the game.

Bapu Nadkarni bowled 131 dots balls in one row

Test cricket is a sport of patience. It is characterized by defense and sturdiness. But the left-arm spinner of India. Bapu Nadkarni stepped up to a new standard when he threw the ball 131 times in a row and 27 maidens in a row against England in 1963. It’s still a world record. He was able to finish with the figures of 32-27-5-0.

Virat Kohli took a wicket from the “0th” cricket ball of his life

Virat Kohli is a legend who has set amazing records with the bat that we tend to overlook the fact that he was a skilled medium-pace seamer at the beginning of his career. He received the ball to start his professional career for the very first time in the year 2011 against England in the T20I.

The bowler was Kevin Pietersen. He was bowling wide first, as well. Pietersen who was rushing down to hit Kohli to get the boundary was stopped on the leg side to the leg side by MS Dhoni. Thus, Kohli did not bowl a ball in international cricket since it was wide, but as stumping counts into the account of an individual bowler. He got a wicket! So, Kohli had a wicket off the “0th” ball of his career

Sri Lanka has never won any Test match against Australia

Sri Lanka of the first two decades of the 20th century was a mighty team featuring players like Sangakkara, Jayasuriya, Jayawardene, Muralitharan, etc. It’s a bit surprising to learn that this incredible team has yet to win even a single test game in Australia or even win a series.

In the end, the challenge of beating Australia in Australia isn’t a simple task.

The match was declared at least two times during the same test match in the year 1999

In an international Test match played in a test match between England and South Africa in 1999, the cricket match was declared to be two times in this test game. On the first day of play, South Africa scored 248/8 as rain fell and washed away the third, second, and fourth days. The captains Nasser Hussain and Hansie Cronje decided to declare their third and second innings to ensure an outcome. This was done with respect for the rules of play.

Thus, England effectively had to beat 249 to win the match, which they did. Then, Cronje later revealed that the money was given by a bookie in order to guarantee an outcome in the game. This became the main topic of the match-fixing scandal that erupted in 1999-2000.

What was the amount Brendon Taylor compensated for the World Cup in 2015? Cricket World Cup?

The Zimbabwean wicket-keeper batsman Brendon Taylor has compensated just 250 dollars for his participation in the whole of the 2015 World Cup!

While he was the most scorer in the tournament before the knockout stage Zimbabwe did not have the funds. Australians on the other hand were each paid 5000 USD!

Courtney Walsh- the batsman!

The record of the bowling of the legendary West Indian Courtney Walsh needs no introduction. But, his performance as a batting player during test cricket can be odd. He has the highest number of batsman ducks during test cricket (43) and the highest number of not-outs(61). You can’t be sure if he would come out without scoring or stay on until the final whistle.

Martin Guptill has only two toes

The lively Kiwi opening Martin Guptill is a two-toed batsman. He also lost three toes as a result of an accident at just 14. His New Zealand captain during that period was Stephen Fleming. He visited his hospital bed and told him that he would be playing with New Zealand.

Today, he’s one of the top white-ball fielders and openers around the globe. This is a remarkable story!

It is the story of Hitesh Modi and Subhash Ranchhoddas Modi

There have been some amazing father-son teams that have graced the cricket field. Yet, Hitesh Modi and Subhash Ranchhoddas Modi remain the only father-son pair who not just participate in International cricket, but also officiate at international matches by serving as umpires.

The test runs of Alec Stewart were the date of his birth

England’s most prolific player Alec Stewart scored 8463 test runs for England. His birth date was the 8th of April 1963. Therefore, his test results reflect the date of his birth (8-4-63). What an amazing coincidence!

Sachin Tendulkar was a cricketer for Pakistan before joining India

Sachin Tendulkar was a 13-year-old child when he played for Pakistan. He played as a replacement for Javed Miandad of Pakistan and Abdul Qadir who left the stadium. He was placed at long-on to Imran Khan. The catch was also dropped by Kapil Dev at one time.

Sachin Tendulkar has the most five-wicket runs over Shane Warne

The most powerful leg-spinner in this game. Shane Warne was a master of the test-match match. He was a great One-Day bowler as well, having taken 293 wickets. He only managed one five-wicket haul throughout the ODI season. Therefore, Tendulkar, who was a part-time bowler, ended up having more five-wicket hauls during the ODI era than Warne.

Chris Gayle is the only player to have hit a six from the first ball of an examination

The reigning king of six-hitting Chris Gayle demonstrated the reason he’s so famous during a match in the test against Australia. He hit the ball that started the match to score six and is the only person to have done this.

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